Cyberinformation Security Drill 2022 launched

The Ho Chi Minh City Information & Communications Department yesterday cooperated with related agencies to host the ‘2-Day Cyberinformation Security Drill 2022’ in Quang Trung Software City.
Cyberinformation Security Drill 2022 launched ảnh 1

The ‘2-Day Cyberinformation Security Drill 2022’ in Quang Trung Software City

The drill aims at raising the awareness and boosting practical skills of the human resources in state departments and agencies in HCMC regarding information security maintenance. The drill has such useful activities as preventing account takeover, fake email sending with content related to state management; encrypting data; stopping websites that exploit security vulnerabilities; preventing attacks on firewall systems.

The Vietnam Cybersecurity Emergency Response Teams/Coordination Center informed that in 2022, most local organizations and state agencies have carried out cyber security drills. They have timely detected their own security vulnerabilities and eliminated those weaknesses. Such useful drills are also used to evaluate the capacity of IT teams to respond to and devise corresponding solutions or develop suitable technologies to ensure cyber security for their organizations.

Cyberinformation Security Drill 2022 launched ảnh 2

Representatives of IT units are discussing the importance of cyber security maintenence

The HCMC Department of Information and Communications shared that the city is focusing on implementing the project to transform HCMC into a smart urban one and the digital transformation process. In both schemes, information security is the key to ensure success, so security maintenance must be strengthened.

It is forecast that in the upcoming time, the number of malicious attacks will still see a rise, especially with the digital transformation citywide and the popularity of the IoT network, making security maintenance a more challenging task.