Young Virtuosi Concert to start on August 11

Saigon Chamber Music, which will take place in HCMC Conservatory of Music (112 Nguyen Du, District 1, HCMC) from August 5 to 11, is the first summer music festival and training with a focus on ensemble music in Viet Nam.

30 young musicians have been selected for Saigon Chamber Music 2017 (SCM) through a video audition; they are put in small ensembles of 2 to 7 members and get their repertoire during the first week of July to start rehearsing. A special feature of SCM 2017 is the series of workshops at 4:30pm everyday, from August 6 to 8, entitled “Daily Musical Talk.” In these workshop the Notos artists including Sindri Lederer (violin), Andrea Burger (viola), Philip Graham (cello) & Antonia Köster (piano) and British Vietnamese pianist Tra Nguyen will also join to talk about styles and schools in musical interpretations and other topics observed from their daily work with the young musicians. 

Season 4 of Saigon Chamber Music is hosted by Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, in association with the Goethe-Institute Viet Nam and Transposition Program.

To conclude this intensive week, the young musicians will perform a special concert, the 2017 edition of the Young Virtuosi Concert, which will start on August 11 at the Concert Hall of the HCMC Conservatory of Music.

It's the pinnacle of Saigon Chamber Music where all positive energies in music converge; the young musicians play their heart out and relive every exciting moment of the week, being inspired by their and friends’ improvements. The concert features a rich and diverse playbill, spanning many centuries from the Baroque time to the late 20th century. You’ll hear music by the world famous composers from Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi to the contemporary voices and even the theme from the blockbuster sequence James Bond. 

By Hanh Thu

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