Young illustration artists cheer up frontline healthcare workers with paintings

Young people cheer up medical staff on the frontline of the coronavirus epidemic or touching stories in quarantine facilities with paintings describing health workers’ difficulties in social networks.

Stories recorded from the epidemic center in the Northern Province of Bac Giang, in centralized isolated areas in the city, or the days of tracing and taking samples for Covid-19 testing in Ho Chi Minh City’s Go Vap District were described in paintings by young artists who have posted their works on social networks.
Young illustration artists cheer up frontline healthcare workers with paintings ảnh 1
For instance, these paintings of babies who were brought into centralized isolation facilities in oversized protective suits holding teddy bears were shared on the X.Lan fan page, attracting more than 11,000 likes and more than 2,600 shares.
Artist Nguyen Vu Xuan Lan, a founder of the X.Lan fan page, shared that people have listened and read news of the Covid-19 epidemic in these days. Therefore, she thought after having fully updated information about the case, about prevention measures, about the difficulties that the country is suffering, there should be some bright spots for everyone to feel relaxed. She decided to draw paintings from news articles or videos that are published by the media every day.
Since the early days of this present outbreak, the Thang Fly Comics fan page has been sharing pictures to support the fighting spirit of those confronting the current pandemic sent by young people from all over the country every day. One of the paintings depicting the story of Quang Binh people making pork floss for people in centralized isolation in Bac Giang Province on the fan page received more than 100,000 likes. 33-year-old painter Bui Dinh Thang in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7 revealed that the Thang Fly Comics fan page has been built for a long time with many followers. He draws up small stories to spread positive energy to everyone as well as cheer up and commemorate the efforts of health workers in the battle against the pandemic.
Illustration drawings are not a new way to support frontline forces during this Covid-19 epidemic but it has attracted many young artists for a long time. To publicize their works, social networks are ideal places; hence, Thang Fly Comics has attracted 1.4 million followers while X.Lan with 121,000 followers and Garden Illustration with 29,000 followers.
Illustration drawing has been followed by many young artists because of its time-saving form. They can draw a portrait, or a painting on a computer without spending a lot of time preparing drawing tools. Illustrators can use any material, including oil paints like traditional painters, collage, even sculpture to create their works. Companies that need to advertise their products will seek for an artist owning a fan page or personal page with a high number of followers. Artist Bui Dinh Thang revealed he earns income by drawing advertising for companies.
According to experts, the community of illustration artists in Vietnam has developed more. “Illustrators are free to compose if they are drawing for personal projects. However, they must draw as per customer's request if they receive payment, said artist Xuan Lan who revealed an increase in demand for the skills of illustrators
It is predicted illustration drawings will attract more young people. However, technology and social networking trends have been constantly developing; hence, young illustration artists must update new trends in the world to satisfy customers.
In the days when Ho Chi Minh City has been implementing social distancing, painter Nguyen Dao Nhat Dan set up the fan page "Diary of anti-epidemic" attracting more than 1,800 followers on social networks since he wanted to spread positive energy to others during this tough time.

By Kim Loan - Translated by Anh Quan

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