Winners of 2016 Good Books Awards revealed

Winners of the annual Good Books Awards were announced at a ceremony in Hanoi on September 18.

The awards are divided into categories, including research, education, economics, management, literature, children's books and new discoveries.

Winning works of the category of Research are Van minh vat chat cua nguoi Viet (Material civilization of Vietnamese people) by Phan Cam Thuong, Vietnamese version of the book “The Phenomenon of Man” of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin translated by Dang Xuan Thao.

Highest awards of the category of Education include Nhung ghi chep ve quyen tu do lua chon (Notes of freedom of choice) by Nguyen Van Trong, Vietnamese version of  the book “The Origins of Intelligence in Children’ of Jean Piaget translated by Hoang Hung.

In the category of Economics, Cu soc thoi gian va kinh te Vietnam (Shock of time and Vietnamese economy) by Tran Van Tho,  Vietnamese version of the book “A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty” of Abhijit V. Banerjee & Esther Duflo translated by Nguyen Le Bao Ngoc were honored.

In the category of Management, Mot doi thuong thuyet (Spending lifetime negotiating) by Phan Van Truong, Vietnamese version of the book “A Passion For Success” of Inamori Kazuo translated by Nguyen Do An Nhien earned prizes.

Winning works of the category of Children are A book set titled Co Tich Moi (New Fairy Tales) written by author Nguyen Huong, Vietnamese version of the book “The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow” of Luis Sepulveda translated by Bao Chan.

In the category of Literature, Coi nguoi rung chuong tan the (The Place of the Doomsday Bell Ringer) by Ho Anh Thai, Vietnamese version of the book “The castle” of Franz Kafka translated by Truong Dang Dung were presented awards.

In the category of The new discoveries,  prizes  belonged to Nhung thieu thoi lo lung (hanging young days) by Hanh Nguyen, Vietnamese version of the book “The One-Straw Revolution” of Masanobu Fukuoka translated by the XanhShop group and Vietnamese edition of the book “The Feminine Mystique” translated by Nguyen Van Ha.

The Good Book Awards is co-organized by the Institute for Research of Education Development (IRED) and Phan Chau Trinh Fund. The prizes aim to honor the translators and introduce good books to readers.


By Thao Nga – Translated by Kim Khanh

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