Vietnamese French choreographer presents dance performance in city

Vietnamese French artist Anne Nguyen, one of the leading dancers and choreographers in France will give a hip hop and contemporary dance performance “Autarcie (.…)” at Ben Thanh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City on May 4.

Autarcie (….) is a game of strategy where, for 50 minutes, four dancers engage in a frantic ritual, alternating between forward-facing dance moves and free digression. They transform their respective dance specialities of breakdance, popping and waacking into an abstract vocabulary, establishing their powerful individualities on stage and thrusting themselves into the space in pursuit of territory, alliances and hierarchy. The front of the stage is the rallying point where the dancers come together and devise a warrior dance directed at the audience. The inner workings of this restless “tribe” with all the power struggles that ensue and the search for possible points of harmony, thus unfold on stage, to the pulsating, unbridled rhythms of the percussive organic beat.

Anne Nguyen won the 2013 SACD New Choreography Talent prize. She created the par Terre Dance Company  in 2005 to highlight the principles and energies of hip-hop dance in shows with universal symbolics.

The performance will be also presented in Hue City on May 2 on the occasion of Hue Festival 2016.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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