Vietnamese, Dutch artists’ artworks displayed in Hanoi

A painting exhibition featuring artworks by Vietnamese and Dutch artists opened at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi.

Giao huong vang (Golden Symphony) by Hoang Dinh

Giao huong vang (Golden Symphony) by Hoang Dinh

The display titled “Dancing colors of nature” presents to viewers 14 large oil paintings by Hoang Dinh of Vietnam and Somsak Chaituch from Holland.

These are large-scale, abstract works displayed in two separate spaces connected to one another – so that the visitors can fully experience the unique expression forms of each artist, but at the same time, enjoy a blend where colors infused and compliment each other.
The event also includes “art tours”, an exciting activity for students, young artists, children and art enthusiasts alike who wish to understand more about the two artists and the paintings exhibited.
The exhibition will run until November 6.

By Kim Khanh

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