VIDEO:VOH celebrates 20th Green wave music awards

Voice of Ho Chi Minh City (VOH) yesterday organized a music festival to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lan song xanh (Green Wave) music awards at the Military 7 Zone, in HCMC.

VIDEO:VOH celebrates 20th Green wave music awards

Many renowned and young singers attended and performed at the festival including diva My Linh, Thu Phuong, Sy Luan, Duc Phuc, Hoan Minzy, Thao Trang…

The organization board introduced to audiences a special performance as nine singers were on the stage to sing thi tham mua xuan (The whistle of the Spring), creating a new music style & festive atmosphere in HCMC.

The awards, launched in 1997, aims to honor composers, singers and bands who have made contributions to Vietnamese music during the year.

T.H-Translated by T.Tran

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