‘Truyen Kieu’ poetry recognized with five records

Truyen Kieu (Tale of Kieu), a masterpiece of Vietnamese classic epic poetry by the great Vietnamese poet Nguyen Du has been recognized with five records by the Vietnam Record Book Center-Vietking.

The classic literature is a unique work containing verses which are divided into hundreds of short poems.

Truyen Kieu has had the most number of translations in various languages.

The epic poetry has the most number of serials written by writers who have fallen in love with the epic poem, including the oldest work titled ‘Dao Hoa Mong Ky’ composed in 1917.

The literary masterpiece tells a tragic tale of a woman of great beauty and talent whose fate turns cruel moving backward in time. The young lady named Vuong Thuy Kieu is forced to sell herself to save her family, even though she is very learned. She overcomes many hardships in a lifelong pursuit of her doomed lover Kim Trong.

Truyen Kieu is a unique work that has created a ‘Kieu culture’ such as telling of fortunes from a text of the Kieu story and writing of poetry inspired from the tragic life of Thuy Kieu.

The recognition of the epic poem marks the 192nd anniversary of the great poet Nguyen Du.

By T.Vy – Translated by Kim Khanh

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