Taekwondo demonstration team K-Tigers to perform in Hanoi

Taekwondo demonstration team K-Tigers will join 2016 Korean Cultural  Festival that will be organized at the Vietnam-Soviet Cultural Friendship Palace in Hanoi on November 25-26.

            Taekwondo demonstration team K-Tigers
Started performing with music around 2000, the Korean taekwondo demonstration team K-Tigers is known for its exceptional talent, skill and creativity to attain the large number of audiences. While taekwondo demonstrations are always exciting and amazing to watch with all the high kicks, jumps and wooden block-breaking, the K-Tigers leave a lasting impression by using popular song and dance.

Combining their impressive kicks and flips and pumsae, or form movements, with the latest hit songs and their equally popular choreography, the K-Tigers’ taekwondo dance cover is such a brilliant idea that it would be hard to not take notice.

 K-Tigers has recently collaborated with media company CJ E&M and developed the smart phone application called “K-Tigers in Me,” which rounds up all the group’s videos.

The team has been invited to perform at opening ceremonies of international competitions, such as Taekwondo World Cup, U.S. Open Taekwondo Championship.

The Korean Cultural Festival 2016 themed “Hearts to hearts” aims to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam.

The event will include many interesting activities, traditional Korean dance, K-pop cover dance competition, magic performance, EDM show, Model Contest ‘Miss world model Ikon 2016” and more.

Kpop Star K.will, together with Vietnamese singers, namely Erik and Hanh Sino will also participate in the featival.

By Mai An – Translated by Kim Khanh

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