Special piano concert in Hanoi, HCMC

A special piano concert performance accompanied with ‘Hat Van’ or Chau Van singing (a ceremonial ritual singing) entitled “Reflection” by pianist Pho An My and artist Dang Tue Nguyen will be held at the Hanoi Opera House on August 22.

Chau Van singing has inspired pianist Pho An My and composer Dang Tue Nguyen to venture into a new concept of musical performance.

The 60-minute performance entitled “Reflection” is a 2011 premiere of their co-production.

Dang Tue Nguyen does not write new works based on ‘Hat Van’ music. Ancient poems provide him with inspiration to create characters that come alive with piano music. The piano and ‘Hat Van’ go hand in hand as two independent entities, criss-crossing and enriching each other.

The pianist together with People’s Artist Thanh Hoai and artisan Dzuong Thanh will bring “Chau Van” out of its simple music style of folk religious form to a more elegant and modern style.

Piano and Chau Van harmonizes both reality and virtuosity, providing listeners a glimpse of a multi-emotional world, familiar yet unusual and exciting. “Reflection” promises to satisfy piano and music lovers with its diversity.

Pho An My graduated from the Hanoi Conservatory of Music and studied piano in Germany for eight years. She is now a pianist lecturer in Nanning in China.

The show will take place at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House on August 31.

Tickets are priced from VND500, 000 to VND1, 500,000.

Chau Van singing is a special kind of ceremonial ritual singing used during worship in ancient times in temples. It is highly rhythmic and trance-oriented.

The art of Chau Van singing originated in the Red River Delta and dates back to the 16th century, later spreading to the rest of the country. It has also adopted the essential beauty of folk songs from the highland areas of the North, Centre and South.

Chau Van singing combines trance singing and dancing; a religious form of art used for extolling the merits of benevolent deities or deified national heroes. Its music and poetry style mingle with a variety of rhythms, pauses, tempos, stresses and pitches.

By Kim Khanh

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