Second Vietnamese singer enters weekly Billboard

Second Vietnamese singer Dang Mai Phuong with the song Con Gi De Mat ( English name “ I’ll Give My Soul” ) has been listed the Adult Contemporary chart.

Mai Phuong is disguised as Bat Nan female general in the cartoon (Photo: SGGP)

Mai Phuong is disguised as Bat Nan female general in the cartoon (Photo: SGGP)

The Adult Contemporary chart is published weekly by Billboard magazine and lists the most popular songs on adult contemporary radio stations in the United States. The chart debuted in Billboard magazine on July 17, 1961.
The song "I’ll Give My Soul" composed by Taylor Eros was performed by singer Dang Mai Phuong in a short cartoon about Bat Nan female general , one of cartoons in the ongoing cinema project "Trung Vuong" (Trung Sisters) of film producer Truong Ngoc Anh.
"I'll Give My Soul" has highlighted women’s resilience and courage during in the country’s war time receiving good response from film lovers.
The song has amazingly climbed to 21st position on Billboard, just after the song “The Man” of famous singer Taylor Swift  and even higher above the song "Everything I wanted" of singer Billie Eilish.
Previously, My Tam was the only Vietnamese singer to break into a Billboard chart with her ninth album in the Top 10 World Album Chart 2018.
A representative from Sony Music/Concore Entertainment said the song “I’ll Give My Soul" it is a good song and Mai Phuong’s beautiful voice makes it more wonderful. Additionally, the song can connect everyone together as people can find themselves in the song and sing it without reluctance.
Moreover, the representative said the English version was chosen instead of Vietnamese as the company wanted to promote the film in the North America; in fact, English and Vietnamese versions are both lovely.
Interestingly, singer Dang Mai Phuong was born in the Northern Province of Thai Binh, homeland of Bat Nan female general.

By Van Tuan - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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