Producers vying each other to make million-dollar films

Vietnamese producers have been vying each other to make million-dollar films; plus, they have even spent billions of Vietnam dong for just one scene in the film.

One of the scenes in Sam hoi movie (Photo: SGGP)

One of the scenes in Sam hoi movie (Photo: SGGP)

It is not weir that the producer of Sam hoi (Repentance) movie invested VND7 billion in a scene of the final round of MMA martial arts with three-day staging, four -day recording of 2,500 extras. Apart from that, bill of electricity and water for seven days was nearly VND1 billion (US$ 43,553) and 9,000 servings for employees, 300 swimming athletes and 500 bicycle racers.
Moreover, the film producer paid approximately VND3 billion for music. The movie costs nearly VND50 billion.
A representative of the production company revealed that the company expected to introduce the beauty of Vietnam to the world as the movie’s scenes have been made in the country.
The filmmaker of another film, Gai Gia Lam Chieu 5 (The Royal Bride), had grown more than 2,000 tea trees in a province in the Northern region five months before the film started taking place. The tea trees were later transported to Bach Tra villa in Thua Thien- Hue Province which is the background of the movie.
Some VND2 billion was spent on decoration of Bach Tra village - the back yard in the An Dinh palace which used to be the private residence of Nguyen Phuc Buu Dao (later the king Khai Dinh). Many typical trees of the central region were planted in the yard. The movie costs nearly US$2 million. The filmmaker will release it to lure moviegoers to cinemas during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.
US$1 million Bo Gia (Godfather) film made by contribution of 100 people within 100 hours was also one of million-dollar films.
Though Director Ly Hai didn’t reveal the exact amount of money for Lat mat: 48H ( Betrayal: 48 hour), he just said the producer spent billions of Vietnam dong on building 15 new houses on stilts.
Producer Ngo Thanh Van of Trang Ti movie ( Ti is one of Vietnamese wunderkind) said that nearly 100 people have worked relentlessly in two months for decoration of Phan Thi village in the Norther Province of Ninh Binh with the cost of nearly VND2 billion. Ms. Van shared the company's producer wanted to rebuild a village in the country with real atmosphere and landscape.
When it comes to box office revenue, one question is that high-grossing movies will bring high box office revenue? According to Director Namcito, high investment for a film aims to ensure its quality and meet audience’s demand. He said audiences are hungry for representation on screen, a thrilling re-introduction to the character, and beautiful-looking actors and actresses with good performance.
One more thing is that after finishing the film, the group maintained the background to convert it into tourist destination; for instance, the team making Gai Gia Lam Chieu has handed over the Bach Tra villa to the Hue Monuments Conservation Center to make it a tourist attraction.

By Van Tuan – Translated by Dan Thuy

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