New wave of TV series sees producers competing for airtime

Unlike previous years when Vietnamese television programming was sparse, this year viewers can look forward to a host of new series from local TV producers. The influx of new shows, however, has led to competition amongst producers for the most coveted time slots.

A poster of "Despite blowing wind" by Tri Viet company.

Vietnamese movie production company Latsa looks to continue dominating the “Golden Hour” slot (8:45 PM) with its popular offering of programs. Airing its shows on channel HTV 7, Latsa’s quality programming has attracted a strong following and thus a high number of advertisers hoping to air their commercials. 

Latsa’s coming attractions include a series targeted at young audiences titled “Cong Mat Troi” (Sun Gate), about the trials and tribulations of student life. While less hyped than the previous series in the time slot,  “Goi giac mo ve” (Calling back a dream), “Cong Mat Troi” still looks to be popular.

The production company is also planning to produce two more TV series  “Thuy Khuc” (A song for Thuy) and “Lam cha” (Fatherhood), set to air after “Cong Mat Troi.”

The three series are all set to be broadcast during the desirable Golden Hour slot this year.

Another big movie maker, MTP, continues to dominate the popular daytime slot from 1-2 PM on HTV 7. It has announced 14 diversified series and movies this year, almost half of which are based on foreign screenplays that have been translated into Vietnamese language and style.

Most MTP programs are known for being comedic, but they also cover topics like daily living and cooking shows aimed at women. There is not enough time to air all 14 series this year, so several have been scheduled for broadcast next year.  

Another local film producer, Tri Viet, is showing hundreds of episodes from the series “Du gio co thoi” (Despite the blowing wind). It has also announced big future projects in the works including films about youth and their ambitions.

HTV’s  filmmaker TFS, meanwhile, has said it is scheduling 10 series, which are already completed.

The arrival of so many new TV series and made-for-TV movies has left smaller-scale producers with the challenge of improving the quality of their programs to compete for viewers.

By Thuy An -Translated by Quynh Huong

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