Musical Shows on Tet Holidays

Many overseas Vietnamese and even foreigners arrive in Viet Nam to welcome the Lunar New Year, enjoying scores of festivals and musical shows.

Shows in clubs and cultural houses


The variety shows “ Diu dang sac Xuan” ( Beauty of Spring) in Lan Anh Club in Cach Mang Thang Tam Street took place from 30 January to 5 February.

The flavor of traditional Tet and family home was the topic of the shows. Therefore, there were merry songs to praise spring and to wish people a happy new year and wealth.

The stage was elegantly decorated with paper flowers and butterflies and the audience really enjoyed the music. They gave the singers a big hand for their performance.

Flowers, balloons and other gifts were granted to the singers to express the audience’s love. The beautiful fashion models of La La Club presented the collection of Blue Exchange brand and the actors in the comedies made people laugh cheerfully.    

The shows in the cultural houses such as 126 and Trong Dong in Cach Mang Thang Tam Street were worth watching. At 126, the audience could enjoy the comedy “Nghe si mung xuan” (Actors welcoming New Year) and the performance of  these guest overseas Vietnamese singers namely Duy Quang, Gia Huy, Duc Huy, Truong Thanh and the comedian Hoai Linh, who are loved by many Vietnamese people in the US.
At the New Year’s Eve, there was an outdoor musical show at the Opera House in Dong Khoi Street. People sat on their motorbikes or on the park benches opposite, enjoying the music.

The performance in the Ho Chi Minh Opera House. (photo:Uyen Phuong)

The above-mentioned shows were enjoyed mostly by Vietnamese, rather than foreigners because they were in Vietnamese. There should have been some ways for foreigners to join the New Year celebration in Viet Nam. Otherwise, they can only enjoy the shows in foreign languages in luxury hotels and restaurants.

Shows in hotels and restaurants
The Rex Hotel in Nguyen Hue Street and the Majestic Hotel in Dong Khoi Street held variety shows in which the singers played and sang folk music. Here the host introduced the performance in both Vietnamese and English because foreigners largely attended. The audience enjoyed the food, listening to the music.

Musical show at the Rex Hotel (photo:Uyen Phuong)

It seemed that most attendants in the show at the Rex hotel were from Europe or Australia. One of the visitors at the end-year party at The Rex hotel, Margaret, interviewed by the reporter was from Australia. She came to Viet Nam with her friend two days ago. This was her first trip to Viet Nam.

A Norway couple excitedly talked about the show at the Rex Hotel although they had just left the airport for one hour.

There were four programs at the Majestic Hotel, Tet in Homeland, Melody of Spring, Impressive Fireworks Tet and Gala Dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve.
After presenting a folk song with traditional musical instruments of Viet Nam’s ethnic minority, the player, a beautiful girl, invited a visitor to try playing an instrument.

 A Korean man interestingly tried to play under the instruction of the girl. A big hand was given for his success in the end.

Lantern Floating Ceremony(photo:Uyen Phuong)

Children were fond of Lantern Floating Ceremony under the instruction of their parents.

People together counted down from ten to zero to wish each other a happy New Year.

At midnight, people in the country admired the fireworks on television or in the streets around the city center. Tet celebration ended in the common wish for a thriving year, wealth, health and success.

By Uyen Phuong

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