MTV channel to have Vietnamese version

The Vietnamese version of the music channel MTV is on air on channels HTVC, VCTV, VNPT, VTC and K+ since July 1.

        Dang Khoa (L), Quynh Chi and Anh Vu (R)

At the first stage, shows such as my super sweet 16, MTV CRIBS, MTV K Pop Top 50 will be translated into the Vietnamese language. They will be on air from 8pm to 10 pm and aired again the next morning from 8am to 10 am.

The remaining shows of the 24-hour MTV channel are expected to be translated into the Vietnamese language by next year.

The first Vietnamese video jockeys (VJ) will be Dang Khoa, Quynh Chi and Anh Vu.

By K.T – Translated by Kim Khanh

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