Leading tenor, People's Artist Trung Kien passes away

Leading tenor and People's Artist Trung Kien passed away in Hanoi at the age of 82 on January 27.

People's Artist Trung Kien

People's Artist Trung Kien

The veteran artist whose real name is Nguyen Trung Kien was born in 1939 in Kien Xuong District in the nothern province of Thai Binh.
He was well-known for popular revolutionary songs, such as Dat Nuoc Tron Niem Vui (The country is full of joy), Tinh Ca (Love song), Co lai tau (Female boat driver on Hong (Red) River), Gap Nhau Tren Dinh Truong Son (Meeting on the peak of Truong Son range), Chao Song Ma Anh Hung (Saluting heroic Ma River), Qua Thang Nam Dang Nguoi (May gift to President Ho Chi Minh), Bai ca Truong Son (Truong Son song), Ho Chi Minh Dep Nhat Ten Nguoi (Ho Chi Minh- the most beautiful name).
People's Artist Trung Kien was the teacher of famous voices of chamber music in the country, namely People’s Artist Le Dung, People’s Artist Quang Tho, Trong Tan, Lan Anh, Phuong Nga, Dang Duong.
He used to be Deputy Minister of Culture and Information and was granted the “People’s Artist” title in 2001. His son is famous musician Quoc Trung.

By Mai An – Translated by Kim Khanh

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