Italian Food Festival 2016 opens in Hanoi

Gastronomers will have a chance to enjoyenjoyable experience of Italian cuisine, the Italians and the Italian culture in the Italian Food Festival 2016 bringing that is being held at West Lake Water park in Hanoi from November 19-20.

The festival features two days of pure Italian food, wine, music, culture and entertainment experience, and includes entertainment program including live music, lucky draws, cooking competitions and more activities.

The event is part of a broader initiative promoted by the Italian Government worldwide - the “Week of Italian Gastronomy –Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel mondo”- and is set out along the footsteps of the past successful initiatives held, since 2001, by Italian restaurants and food companies in Hanoi to promote the authentic Italian cuisine, products and culture and to increase awareness over quality and safety.

By Kim Khanh

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