Hue reopens exhibition hall of Champa antiques

The Hue Monuments Conservation Centre reopened a sector displaying Champa antiques at the Hue Museum of Antiquities on November 23 on the occasion of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (on November 23).

Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Centre Phan Thanh Hai said that Khai Dinh, the 12th king of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945) built the storage keeping and displaying antique items of Champa culture at Musée Khai Dinh (now known as Hue Museum of Antiquities) in 1927. Antiques were collected by French School of the Far East (École Française d' Extrême – Orient – EFEO).

The room displaying ancient objects of Champa culture dating back from the 7th century  to the 14-15th century was opened to the public in 1928 & then closed in 1945.

The reopening gives visitors and researchers a chance to learn about the value of Champa antiques and glorious time of Champa culture.

Champa antiques at the display:

By Van Thang – Translated by Kim Khanh

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