Hanoi New Music Meeting to become festival

A series of contemporary music activities, within the framework of Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009, will be presented to public over October 15 to 20 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, a spokesperson from the Danish Embassy announced October 10.

The artists who will perform at the Hanoi Music Meeting pose for photos (Photo: Courtesy of Danish Embassy)

Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009 is a forum, as well as a stage, for nearly 20 contemporary, traditional, classical and electronic composers and musicians from Vietnam, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and Canada. The exchange and contact among different musical spheres promises to bring surprising and rule-breaking pieces.
Developing out of western classical music, contemporary music has the language and thoughts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, mixed with factors that are not included in traditional classical music such as electronics, improvisation and interactivity with other forms of arts or with the audience.
Initiated by musician and composer Kim Ngoc, with the sponsorship of five cultural organizations: the Goethe Institute (Germany), SIDA – Sweden, Cultural Development and Exchange Fund– Denmark, UNESCO’s Center For Cultural and Sport Development and the British Council, Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009 is one of the pioneering events of Vietnam’s contemporary music scene, helping to bring this very young form of art to a wider public.
Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009 is also a forerunner for the Hanoi New Music Festival, an annual event to start from 2010.

The festival will help modernize educational programs for music students, establish an international network for Vietnam’s contemporary musicians and build-up long-term cooperation with internationally famous festivals and orchestras.

Hanoi New Music Festival will set up a system that fosters composers’ creativeness through commissions, production of new products, organization of regular concerts, studio projects for electronic music and recording and releasing albums. All of which aim to speed up the development of contemporary music in Vietnam.

By Truong Son

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