Golden kite announces 91 entries

The Vietnam Cinema Association on March 5 announced 91 film and film essays that will be judged for the 2009 Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) national film awards.

Actress Ngan Khanh and model Thanh Thuc in “Khi yeu dung quay dau lai” (Love means never turning back).

The entry list contained winners of the 16th of Vietnam Film Festival and the international film festival including “Choi voi” (drift) made by Feature Film Studio No.1, “Dung dot” (don’t burn) and “Duoc song” (to be lived) of  Vietnam Studio and “Khong can suc” (unfairness) of Giai Phong Studio.

Movies from private studios included “Nhung nu hon ruc ro” (resplendent kisses) of BHD company, “Bay rong” (dragon trap) of Chanh Phuong Studio and the Tet holiday hit “Cong chua teen va ngu ho tuong” (Teenage girl and five bodyguards).

The list for judging includes five celluloid documentaries, 36 video documentaries, 11 science documentaries, 12 TV serials, six short TV serials, 10 cartoon movies and three film essays.

The award ceremony. to be held at the Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi on April 14, will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television.

By V.Xuan, translated by Mong Quynh

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