French metallurgical artist presents his works in Hanoi

An installation exhibition featuring art works by French metallurgical artist Laurent Barnavon is being held at L’Espace in Hanoi.

The display themed “Introspect 1996/2016 – Just an Impression” presents his art project that he has been pursuing over the last 15 years.

Laurent Barnavon has been awarded the Ferro Insight 2000 Alfred Bullerman prize.

In the year 1996, digital photography started to appear and images flooded into reality. The metaphysical revolution took Laurent Barnavon to a contemporary analysis of images. And, from creases and geometry, he developed a unique technique in sculpture and photography.

Laurent Barnavon is attracted by the techniques of the Asian art practices that he learned during his childhood, when he was living with a Vietnamese family in France.

After graduating from the conceptual art institution Villa Arson, he spent 6 years experiencing both Asia and Europe, which helps him gain a deep understanding of the metallurgical technique through the encounters with other talented artists.

The event will run until December 11.

By Kim Khanh

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