Fly Magic to tour Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Fly Magic Music band is launching Southeast Asia music tour and the band will open first performance in Hanoi then move to HCMC on January 23, said Goethe Institute in HCMC.

In HCMC, the band will perform at HCMC Conser at 112 Nguyen Du. After that the band tours to Phnon Penh (Cambodia) and Bangkok (Thailand).

They will perform many Jazz/pop-rock songs.

Fly Magic includes Timo Vollbrecht (saxophone, head of band) and Keisuke Matsuno (guitar), Sebastian Merk (drumer) and Matthias Pichler (Bass). The band has ever toured around the work and attended many festivals in Panama, Haiti, Australia and Europe.

Entrance tickets are free of charge and available at Goethe Institute HCMC on January 18 at 9:am.

By. Tr.Linh

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