Festival celebrates uprising of Trung Sisters

A festival to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the Trung Sisters’ Uprising against northern invaders in 40 AD was held at the Trung Sisters Temple in Dong Nhan Ward in Hai Ba Trung District in Hanoi on February 27 (sixth day of second lunar month).

The festival featured a performance that narrated the story of the uprising, and an offering of incense to commemorate the two famous sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi.

The two-day event also included martial art performances, calligraphy writing and folk songs.

According to Vietnamese historical records, Trung Trac and her younger sister, Trung Nhi, formed an army to revolt against the Han Chinese troops that were invading from the north and succeeded in gaining independence for the country, after more than two centuries of foreign feudal rule.

The revolt was successful for a short time and Trung Trac established herself as the ruler of an independent state, becoming the country’s first female leader and choosing Me Linh, in now Vinh Phuc Province, as the new capital.

Delegates at the festival reviewed the historical significance of the uprising and the great contributions of the two sisters.

In the victorious spirit of the spring of 40 AD, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Hai Ba Trung District in Hanoi have gained significant socio-economic achievements and contributed to the development of a beautiful, prosperous and civilised capital.

Translated by MT

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