Exhibition displays affordable artworks

An exhibition featuring the latest artworks of 36 Vietnamese painters and sculptors is now ongoing at the VICAS Art Studio in Hanoi.

Natural: Lotus, ink on paper, by Dang Viet. (Photo: VNA)

Natural: Lotus, ink on paper, by Dang Viet. (Photo: VNA)

With the title Go Go 2018, the exhibition is considered a fun playground for the artists to celebrate the new year.
The exhibition features 80 paintings in diverse styles, including realism, expressionism, abstract and neo-expressionism; materials, such as pastel, ink on poonah paper, acrylic, oil, lacquer, mix-materials and wooden sculptures; and theme, like still-life, landscape, social issues, artists’ emotion and meditation.
All featured artworks were newly created.
“The exhibition’s most important goal is audience development,” said Bui Quang Thang, Art Director of the VICAS Art Studio, under the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS).
“We do understand that arts are still a luxurious commodity (in our society) yet during the initial stage of nurturing an art market in Vietnam, artists need to have great effort to stimulate the potential audience with good quality artworks with reasonable prices.”
All of the artists shared that standpoint of the director and agreed to cut artworks’ prices as low as possible (ranging from $220- 700).
“Artworks now are more affordable. I believe that audiences can own a fine artwork that can refresh their spiritual life and living space,” said Thang.
Bui Hoai Son, Director of the VICAS, said the exhibition connects artists and offers them a place to exchange with their audiences.
“Through the exhibition, we can see the art trends, styles and themes that the artists are concerned with,” he said.
Painter Nguyen Lan Huong presented two still-life paintings at the exhibition.
“Through drawings of the lotus, I want to express my own feelings and opinions about life,” she said.
“The flowers bloom and fade, as life goes on with both happiness and sorrow.”
The exhibition will run until February 25 at the VICAS Art Studio, 32 Hao Nam Street, Hanoi.


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