Chinese-Vietnamese artist honored for his charity work

Chinese-Vietnamese painter Truong Han Minh, standing committee member of the Literature and Arts Association of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities was awarded the Third-class Labor Medal of Vietnam President for his outstanding contribution to the ethnic minority communities, especially poor Chinese people.

Chinese-Vietnamese painter Truong Han Minh

Chinese-Vietnamese painter Truong Han Minh

Painter Truong Han Minh was recognized for having the most watercolor paintings which were auctioned for charity by the Asia Record Organization in 2013.
In the latest charity art auction of 100 watercolor paintings , he donated 50 percent of the revenue from the sale to the Ho Chi Minh City’s “Fund for the Poor”.
The painter was the volunteer who painted images to illustrate President Ho Chi Minh's poem collection 'Nhat Ky Trong Tu' (Prison Diary) in response to the 'Studying and Following President Ho Chi Minh's Moral Example' campaign.
Truong Han Minh was born in 1951 in Cho Lon in Ho Chi Minh City. He originally came from Guang Dong in China. He had a passion for painting since early childhood. Truong Han Minh is also Chairperson of the Chinese Fine Arts Association and a member of Vietnamese Fine Arts Association. He has taught at many Art schools in the City.
The painter is a master in traditional Chinese watercolor paintings in Vietnam with 60 years experience in watercolor painting.
His paintings have been displayed at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum; Ho Chi Minh City Museum; Museum of the Nationalities in Vietnam; and in many other countries such as the U.S., France, Australia, Canada, Japan, China and Taiwan (China).

By MINH ANH – Translated by Kim Khanh

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