Book on Vietnamese culture unveiled in Rome

An Italian book on Vietnamese culture titled “Vietnam: Myths and Stories” was introduced to Italian public in Italy’s capital of Rome, on December 20.

The book has a collection of Vietnamese folklores, legends, and historic figures compiled by Alessandra Chiricosta, a PhD on culture in Southeast Asia, and Maurizio Gatti, a specialist on East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Through the book, the readers could understand the way Vietnamese people perceive the world surrounding them as well as the formation of Vietnamese characteristics and the uniqueness of Vietnamese rich culture, the authors said.

Through passing down from generations to generations orally, Vietnamese people have been able to keep and educate the next generations on heritage of their country’s origins, history, and rich culture, Alessandra said.

Quan Vinh, an overseas Vietnamese who has settled in Italy for almost 40 years, said he was proud of the richness of Vietnamese culture and hoped the book will help foster mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the two countries- VNA

Source: Vietnamplus

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