Book of southern resistance wars receives Tran Van Giau Science Award

The literature work entitled “History of the Southern Resistance” received the Tran Van Giau Science Award on September 6.

Lt Gen and PhD Nguyen Thoi Bung (L), a representative of the steering board for compiling the history book, receives the award from Chairman of the Tran Van Giau Science Award Committee,To Buu Giam (R). (Photo: Phapluat)

The implementation of the book was kicked off in 2002 according to the decision of the Government and the Central Party Committee.

The over 3,000-page book is divided into two parts including “History of the anti-French Resistance War in Southern Vietnam” and “The anti-US Resistance War in Southern Vietnam”. Among them, the “History of the anti-French Resistance War” won the Tran Van Giau Science Award in 2006.

Many historians, revolutionary leaders and veterans participated in the national research work which depicts outstanding contributions of people in the southern region during the anti-French and US resistance wars.

Related news, a delegation of city’s leaders, patriotic personalities, intellectuals and religious authorities led by the deputy chairman of the HCM City  Fatherland Front Committee, Tran Trung Tinh visited and congratulated Professor Tran Van Giau on his 100th birthday on the same day.

Mr. Tinh honored the professor’s significant contributions to the cause of revolution, science and education of the country. He wished the People’s Teacher well and deserving of an outstanding example.

By T.Ha, H.Hiep – Translated by Kim Khanh

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