Competence assessment for university admission becoming more competitive

The competence assessment of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC) this year attracted over 120,000 test-takers, the highest number ever. The quantity of universities using the assessment results also rises to nearly 90. This increase, along with updated admission regulations from the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) makes entering a university via this method harsher.

Competence assessment for university admission becoming more competitive ảnh 1

Candidates taking part in the second turn of the competence assessment, held by VNU-HCMC

Dr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh, Director of the Center for Testing and Training Quality Evaluation (under VNU-HCMC) 90 universities nationwide save up to 380,000 slots in different majors for admission through this competence assessment method. VNU-HCMC itself put aside 40 percent of its total admission quota this year for this method.

The winning ratio for VNU-HCMC this year in general has risen. For instance, the University of Information Technology (member of VNU-HCMC) received more than 50,000 applications using the competence assessment result, compared to its admission quota of nearly 2,000 students. In other member universities, the application numbers are also 6 to 8 times as high as the quota.

Many different universities are experiencing the same situation. There are totally 12,000 applications into the Industrial University of HCMC, as opposed to its admission quota of 1,500 students by this method. The figures in HCMC University of Food Industry are 1,200 applications compared to the quota of 250.

Dr. Chinh shared that the assessment results this year are lower than those of previous years, yet the number of test-takers reaching 600/1200 points and above rises.

Universities that accept these results have already announced the minimum passing scores. HCMC University of Banking allows applicants having 700 points and over. This bottom-limit of the Industrial University of HCMC is 650, while its Quang Ngai branch accepts people with 600 and above. HCMC University of Natural Resources and Environment announced its bottom-limit of 600 points. HCMC University of Transport accepts applicants with 650 points and above. The figure for Nguyen Tat Thanh University is 100 points lower.

Dr. Nguyen Trung Nhan from the Industrial University of HCMC commented that applicants should notice the following changes in the university admission regulations, issued by MoET: with methods other than using the high school graduation exam results, candidates should strictly follow the timelines of the destination universities; successful candidates should declare their results on the e-portal of MoET; and when filling the application form, candidates must write the names of their wished universities from top to bottom priority.

Representatives of many universities shared that if MoET insists on using the changes in admission methods this year, it will become rather complicated and confusing. Therefore, those accepting admission via methods other than the high school graduation exam results are still waiting for clearer regulations.

They have already proposed to be more autonomous in admission procedures and more flexible in choosing suitable admission methods. Candidates are then able to choose various admission methods to apply, and if they area successful in many universities, they can opt for the best one as their final decision.