Central Highlands wholeheartedly welcoming clean water to serve residents

The hills and mountains in the Central Highlands, plus scattered populations in remote areas, make it extremely challenging to distribute clean water to the community for daily use. In order to maintain sanitation and medical safety for citizens here, the local authorities have determinedly mobilized all possible resources to fulfill the task.

Central Highlands wholeheartedly welcoming clean water to serve residents  ảnh 1

Vy Van Tuyen is taking clean water from the supply station sited at Ia Muung Hamlet

The project of domestic water supply station at Ia Muung Hamlet in Ia Dom Commune (Ia Hdrai District of Kon Tum Province) began in 2019, consisting of a drilled well, a water storage tank, a filter tank.

Vy Van Tuyen, a local resident who is enjoying the convenience of this station, happily shared that his family used to go to the upstream mountain to bring usable water home. Thanks to the new water supply station, he no longer needs to go that far for clean domestic water.

Vice Chairman of Ia Dom Commune People’s Committee Vy Van hung said that before the operation of this station, the community had to travel 1km to Cop Stream for spring water, which might contain contaminating particles since it runs through rubber farms using plant protection chemicals. The introduction of this station has answered the water demand of the local while ensuring water safety.

Aware of the inconvenience and potential risks of residents when using unprocessed water taken from streams, springs, the People’s Committee of Ia Hdrai District has decided to invest in common domestic water supply projects, whose locations are carefully chosen to gain the most benefits.

Up to now, the district has completed 6 such projects with the total investment of VND5 billion (US$211,250). In the future, it will continue to mobilize possible resources for another 8 projects, needing twice as much investment amount.

Vice Chairman of Kon Tum Province People’s Committee Nguyen Huu Thap said that his organization has released a dispatch about strengthening the management, investment, construction and operation of rural clean water supply works in the area. Accordingly, in the public investment plan of each district, town, and city here, there must be a priority to domestic water supply stations, using suitable water processing technologies and taking water from irrigation works, reservoirs in order to ensure a stable water supply.

A similar case can be found in Ia Mo Commune of Chu Prong District in Gia Lai Province, where 2 new domestic water supply station were installed in Khoi Village and Hnap Village. These stations are able to province stable clean water for local residents.

This has resulted in over 59 percent of all rural households in Gia Lai Province enjoying standard water in 2021, an increase of 1.86 percent compared to the previous year. The province aims to rise this proportion to 98 percent by 2025.

To fulfill this task, Gia Lai Province will allocate investment resources to construct more domestic water supply stations, repair current ones, support remote poor areas, and research an effective model to collect, process and store water in households.