VN-Index strengthens by more than 15 points, backed by banking stocks

Banking stocks suddenly attracted the cash flow and became a driving force to help the VN-Index advance robustly on June 28.
The benchmark started the morning trading session not so smoothly when the demand still hesitated, while the holders were ready to push sell orders when they saw that stocks reached their expected price levels.

The cautiousness of both sides made the VN-Index go down slightly in the ATO session. The market continuously shook in the morning trading session when both the buyers and sellers failed to show their superior on the electric board.

The market only improved in the afternoon trading session when buy orders above the reference price unexpectedly poured into the group of banking stocks. The green color from the most important stock group in the market was the driving force, helping change the color of the remaining large-cap stocks in the VN30 basket.

At the end of the trading session, the VN-Index gained by 15.28 points, or 1.27 percent, to 1,218.1 points. Of the index, 326 stocks emerged, 53 remained unchanged, and 136 sank.

Notably, the list of stocks that climbed today included most listed banking stocks, such as ACB, MBB, CTG, BID, STB, VPB, VCB, HDB, LPB, EIB, SSB, OCB, and SHB.

However, securities stocks, namely SSI, VND, VCI, SHS, FTS, and AGR, suddenly halted.

Besides banking stocks, stocks that recorded the most positive contribution to today's gain consisted of GAS, MSN, BVH, FPT, and MWG. In contrast, stocks that had a negative impact on the VN-Index were VIC, VNM, HPG, and NVL.

The market liquidity continued to improve with 588.3 million shares matched, equivalent to a trading value of VND14.42 trillion.

Similarly, the HNX-Index and the UPCoM-Index won by 3.45 and 0.86 points, respectively.

By Hai Ho – Translated by Da Nguyet

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