Vietnamese farmers join e-commerce platforms

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, many agricultural products have faced difficulties in transportation and consumption. Fortunately, with the support of the nationwide postal network, farmers have boldly put agricultural products on e-commerce platforms and found consumers.
Vietnamese farmers join e-commerce platforms ảnh 1 An employee of Vietnam Post guides a farmer through the process of putting agricultural products on the e-commerce floor. (Photo: SGGP)
At the end of July this year, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) approved a support plan to put farming households on the e-commerce floors. The ministry assigned two e-commerce floors, namely of Vietnam Post and of Viettel Post, to implement it with the immediate goal to connect 5 million farming households to these two e-commerce floors in 2021. Head of the Department of Brand Research and Development of Vietnam Post Phan Trong Le said that from the beginning of August, Vietnam Post had established a steering committee to carry out the plan of the MIC. All units at all levels of Vietnam Post would deploy to connect farming households to e-commerce floors with close coordination and support resources from ministries, departments, People's Committees of districts, and communes.

Accordingly, the unit divides agricultural products into two main lines, comprising regular and seasonal consumption. “The training for farming households on the process of putting products on the trading floor, multi-channel selling, receiving and processing orders, preserving and packaging is particularly focused and flexibly implemented by the unit for each specific subject and the specific situation of each locality. We have also built priority channels specifically for the transport of agricultural products during the complicated situation of the pandemic to ensure best product quality when reaching consumers,” said Mr. Phan Trong Le.

According to a representative of, this e-commerce floor continues to build a digital ecosystem, including a sales website, sales application on smartphones, and traceability portal for brand protection. The sale of agricultural products with a clear brand identity on the floor will help create the prestige and position of Vietnamese agricultural products to domestic and international consumers.

For Viettel Post, depending on the actual situation of each locality, its branches actively develop detailed implementation plans for specific specialties and agricultural products. With the current travel restriction, Viettel Post focuses on promoting the consumption of agricultural products within the province and neighboring provinces to solve two problems at the same time, including helping people find markets for agricultural products during the pandemic and helping consumers, mainly in Ho Chi Minh City, access high-quality agricultural products amid social distancing. The e-commerce platform has also deployed a place only for agricultural products of the Southern provinces to reach a large number of potential buyers not only in the South but also across the country.

By always updating information and being proactive in supporting farming households, from July 21 to now, and have promoted the consumption of nearly 18,000 tons of agricultural products. With their capabilities and strengths, Vietnam Post and Viettel Post both affirm their determination to complete the target of putting farming households on the e-commerce floor, so that through the digital environment, and will continue to be effective markets for farmers, helping them feel assured to grow crops not only in the current pandemic but also as a sustainable consumption channel in the future.

By Tran Luu – Translated by Bao Nghi

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