Vietnamese accounted for 55 percent of foreign workers in Japan

The Statistics of Department of Immigration and Residency Management under the Japanese Ministry of Justice showed that Vietnamese citizens accounted for 55 percent among working labors granted visa based on new policy of Japan since the beginning of April 2019.
By the end of December, 2019, Japan had granted visa for 1,621 foreign nationals working in the country with special skills, an increase of 7.4 times compared to three months earlier. 

Notably, more than 90 percent of these employees have completed technical intern training programs.

Vietnam has the most populous laborers granted visa with 901 workers in accordance with new policy, followed by Indonesia with 189 workers and the Philippines with 111 ones.

The Japanese Government began adopting a new visa policy from April 1, 2019 with the purpose of attracting more foreign labors to work and solve the lack of manpower.


By Hoang Thanh- Translated by Huyen Huong

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