Vietnam should have agriculture information center to understand market: experts

Because Coronavirus has developed complicatedly, exports of Vietnamese agricultural products faced difficulties. The agriculture sector even bumped into challenges in domestic consumption. According to experts, the sector should build an agriculture information center to research supply-demand of farm products.

Consumers can trace back origin of farm produce at the center (Photo: SGGP)

Consumers can trace back origin of farm produce at the center (Photo: SGGP)

Coronavirus has lowed Vietnamese farm exports because Vietnam is heavily reliant on China and the US for exports. 70 percent of Vietnamese agricultural products are exported to China, the largest market. Accordingly, the sector has fallen into difficulties due to outbreaks of coronavirus.
Vietnam also exports pepper, cashew, shrimp, tra fish, coffee bean, and rice but prices these commodities are low. For instance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the pepper export volume of Vietnam has continuously increased in the past years and become the largest pepper exporter in the world but its price stand the position of eight. Similarly, price of cashew ranks at sixth while prices of rice and coffee stand at tenth.
Because traders were not informed, the suspension of cross-border trade between Vietnam and China due to the novel coronavirus scare has left hundreds of tons of Vietnamese crops stuck at local farms and border gates.
Moreover, farmers have not been knowing the needs of the market before selecting crops to grow.
Though many Vietnamese agricultural products have been exported to countries in the world. 80 percent of them have not registered trademark.
Moreover, Vietnamese exports are low quality while importers require high quality commodities. Therefore, Vietnamese products are as competitive as other countries; as a result, farm produces are hardly displayed in supermarkets r retail stores in countries in the world.
The Ministry is implementing a project “Developing supply center of Vietnamese agricultural products” for the period 2020-2030 with the orientation to 2045 which is expected to change its supply chains and distribution.
The center will connect with produce transaction floors to help distributing good farm produces.
The center will be located in big cities closely linking with other centers in major production areas and in frontiers.
The center will closely monitor origin and traces of farm produces as well as classify them. Moreover, it will put up farm produces for auction in internet.

By Thanh Hai - Translated by Dan Thuy

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