Vietnam imposes safeguard measures on sugar imported from Thailand

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued Decision No.477 on the temporary application of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on sugarcane products originating from Thailand.
Particularly, raw sugar with HS codes of 1701.13.00 and 1701.14.00 will be imposed an anti-dumping duty of 29.23 percent and an anti-subsidy duty of 4.65 percent. Refined sugar with HS codes of 1701.99.10, 1701.99.90, 1701.91.00, and 1702.90.91 will be subject to an anti-dumping tax rate of 44.23 percent and an anti-subsidy tax rate of 4.65 percent.

According to the Vietnam Sugarcane and Sugar Association (VSSA), since the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement took effect on January 1, 2020, the agreement has dragged the import tariff on cane sugar to 5 percent from an import tariff of 80 percent of raw sugar and 85 percent of white sugar, causing cane sugar imported from the ASEAN to the Vietnamese market to spike, approximately 1.5 million tons, doubling the domestic sugar production. Of which, the imported sugar that was subsidized and dumped from Thailand reached nearly 1.3 million tons last year, up 330.4 percent compared to 2019. Therefore, Decision No.477 will create an equal competitive environment for domestic sugar enterprises and more sustainable livelihoods for sugarcane farmers.

By Le Dung – Translated by Thanh Nha

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