US accuses Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan of plastic-bag dumping

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) in a preliminary judgment has accused Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan of polyethylene shopping-bag dumping following a petition submitted by US plastic bag manufacturers Hilex Poly Co. and Superbag Corp.

The DOC has proposed anti-dumping tariffs ranging from 67.18-67.62 percent to be imposed on plastic bags from Indonesia, 52.30-76.11 percent on bags from Vietnam, and 28.69-95.81 percent on bags from Taiwan, the DOC said.

A final decision will be announced by the DOC on January 11 next year and 45 days later the US International Trade Commission will announce a verdict.

The tariffs will only take effect if the department and commission announce a final verdict in favor of the US manufacturers.

Earlier, the DOC also alleged that the Vietnamese Government was providing subsidies for its plastic shopping bag manufacturers.

According to its preliminary judgment on August 31, the DOC suggested an anti-subsidy tariff of 1.69 percent be imposed on Chin Sheng Co.’s products, 4.24 percent on Fotai Vietnam Enterprise, and 2.97 percent on other manufacturers.

Figures from the DOC showed that US$85.5 million worth of plastic shopping bags were imported from Vietnam last year.

By N.Quynh – Translated by Thuy Doan

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