Twenty nine commodities see over $1 billion export turnover in 2018

Export turnover is estimated to reach US$244.72 billion in 2018, a year on year increase of 13.8 percent, with 29 commodities obtaining the turnover of over US$1 billion, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Phones and parts export turnover hits US$50 billion in 2018

Phones and parts export turnover hits US$50 billion in 2018

Of the export turnover, domestic sector gets $69.20 billion, hiking 15.9 percent and accounting for 28.3 percent of the total export turnover.
Foreign direct investment (FDI) sector hits $175.52 billion, increasing 12.9 percent and accounting for 71.7 percent.
Twenty nine commodities get the export turnover of over $1 billion making up 91.7 percent of the country’s total export turnover. Of these, nine products obtain over $5 billion and five get more than $10 billion.
Phones and parts post the highest growth rate with 10.5 percent to hit $50 billion. Electronic, computers and components move up 28 percent to $16.5 billion while footwear grows 11 percent to $16.3 billion.
Items posting a strong increase in export turnover mainly come from FDI sector which accounts for 99.7 percent of export phones and parts, 95.6 percent of electronic items-computers and components, 89 percent of machine-equipment and accessories and 60 percent of textile and garment items.
Some agricultural products show breakthrough growth rates such as seafood with $8.8 billion, up 6.3 percent; vegetable with $3.8 billion increasing 9.2 percent; coffee $3.5 billion raising 1.2 percent and rice $3.1 billion up 16 percent.
Some products see up export volume but down value because of a reduction in export price namely cashew nut, rubber and pepper.

By AI VAN – Translated by Hai Mien

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