Traceability contract for swallow bird’s nest products signed

Vietnam Salanganes Nest Association (VSFA) and the Traceability Solutions and Services Joint Stock Company (TraceVerified) has just signed a contract on traceability of swallow bird’s nest products. 

Traceability contract for swallow bird’s nest products signed

According to VSFA President Pham The Ruan, the signing is to identify the swallow bird’s nest map, thereby making the unification feasible on management of products made by the birds, going step by step to improve the quality and standards of these products close to international and domestic consumers. 

The traceability contracts also help to build disease prevention plans, ensure food safety for users and reduce risks for the bird feeders.

Accordingly, the two sides would set up the supply chain, build the chain of traceability process and establish a regulation on product traceability management, a code of conduct and a mechanism of inspection and supervision among members.

VSFA and TraceVerified would develop mobile phone apps to manage house of swallow bird's nest and the production, control and cross-monitor, develop a statistical map of the whole bird’s nest houses, flocks of bird and bird's nest products. 

In addition, the two sides would not only apply blockchain in data scattering, improving security and promoting commercial transactions, exchanging traceability information but also build standards, classify and ensure product quality.

Establishment of a program to prevent a risk of disease inflection and food safety, promoting branding and improving the reputation of Vietnamese salanganes nest products in the international market would be carried out within the signed contract. 

BY CONG PHIEN- Translated by Huyen Huong

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