VN-Index goes up on upbeat sentiment

Vietnam’s benchmark VN-Index rebounded to open week in light note on February 27 as investors combed shares heavily on bet that rising momentum would be maintained further.

Shares of 303 companies and five mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange recovered 1.18 per cent, or 4.98 points, to close at 428.41 points, the highest level since September 29, 2011.

Among the index members, 203 advanced, 59 retreated, while 46 stocks remained unchanged.

Trading on the city bourse slid by 17 per cent in both volume and value over the previous trading session as around 65.4 million shares changed hands at a total value of VND931 billion.

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBB) was the most active share in volume with 5.07 million shares changing hands.

The runner-up was Licogi 16 Joint Stock Company (LCG) with 3.26 million shares traded.

The fifth largest listed lender Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Export Import Bank or Eximbank (EIB) finished at third place with 3.13 million shares.

South Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock Company (VSG) regained 6.67 per cent to close at VND1,600.

Meca Vneco Investment & Electricity Construction Joint Stock Company (VES) restored 5.56 per cent to close at VND1,900.

HUD3 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (HU3), Vietnam Blue-chips Investment Fund (VFMVF4), Petro Vietnam Transportation Corporation (PVT), and Tay Ninh Rubber Joint Stock Company (TRC) enlarged 5 per cent to close at VND12,600, VND4,200, VND4,200, and VND39,900 respectively.

General Materials Biochemistry Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (HSI) gave up 11.96 per cent to close at VND8,100.

Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export & Processing Joint Stock Company (CAD) dropped 9.09 per cent to VND1,000.

Saigon Beverages Joint Stock Company (TRI) and Duc Long Gia Lai Group Joint Stock Company (DLG) threw away 5 per cent to finish at VND1,900, and VND19,000 respectively.

The VN30 Index added 8.08 points, or 1.69 per cent, to end at 485.85. Among its 30 members, 22 stocks rallied, 4 declined and 4 closed unmoved.

Hanoi’s HNX-Index of the smaller bourse in the north rocketed 3.12 per cent, or 2.09 points, to close at 69.16 points with 250 winners, 63 losers, and 29 stocks treaded water. Around 74.78 million shares changed hands at a total value of VND682.42 billion.

Meanwhile, the UPCoM-Index of unlisted shares dipped 0.69 per cent, or 0.24 points, to 34.46 points at 11.30 am local time. A total of 4,142,500 shares changed hands at VND200.53 billion.

By Thuy Doan

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