SCR, ASM, CNG issue debenture bond & raise capital

Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Corp (SCR) announced to close its shareholders on December 30 and issue 37.5 million shares, raise capital up to VND 1,877billion.

Sao Mai Group (ASM) approved to issue VND 300billion debenture bonds for five year term with a cost of VND 1billion per one in the fourth quarter of 2014, aiming to attract capital source for restructuring finance and add more business capital.

Vietnam CNG Corp (CNG) announced its business plan of 2015; accordingly, it is expected to reach revenue of VND 1,063billion; net profit of VND 136billion. CNG expects to profit VND 102billion; the revenue will reach VND 1,115billion in 2014.

DTTC -Translated by T.Tran

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