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Petro Vietnam Oil Joint Stock Corp. (PV Oil), whose BOD member is Vo Tan Phong, BOD member of Materials - Petroleum JSC (COM), registered to buy 175,000 shares from September 10 to October 10 to raise its holdings to 4,955,740 shares or 36.04 percent stake, from 4,780,740 units, or 34.77 percent stake currently.

Luong Ho Ngoc Thanh, husband of Luu Thi To Nhu, chief accountant of Ben Thanh Rubber Joint Stock Company (BRC), registered to sell his all 18,000 shares from September 10 to October 10.

Southern Rubber Industry Joint Stock Company (CSM) announced September 17 as ex-date and September 19 as record date for its 2011 share dividend payment at a ratio of 100:12. The company plans to issue 6,269,835 new shares to pay the dividends.

Pham Phuc Toai, chairman cum CEO of Hoang Long Group (HLG), registered to buy 3 million shares from September 10 to October 10 for investment. After the share purchase, he will raise his holdings to 14,111,307 shares or 31.8 percent stake, from 11,111,307 units or 25.04 percent stake currently.

IMG Investment JSC, whose CEO is Le Tu Minh, chairman of MT Gas Joint Stock Company (MTG), became a major shareholder of MTG after buying 2.36 million shares by Aug 31, 2012. IMG currently holds 2.36 million shares or 19.667 percent stake.

Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines), which relates to three executives of Vietnam Container Shipping JSC (VSC), failed to sell 400,000 as registered from July 31 to August 31 to restructure portfolios due to unfavorable market conditions, low liquidity of stock and unmatched share prices. Vinalines currently holds 415,260 shares.

Doan Thi Le, sister of Doan Duc Hong, chairman cum CEO of Vietnam Electricity Construction Joint Stock Corporation or VNECO (VNE), sold 2,000 shares out of 26,000 shares registered to sell from August 22 to 31 due to unmatched prices, cutting her holdings to 24,000 shares, or 0.041 percent stake.

Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HCM) reported that the firm currently holds 246,328 treasury shares as of August 31, 2012 from 245,814 treasury shares as of July 31, 2012.

Godaco Seafood Joint Stock Company (AGD) announced September 13 as ex-date and September 17 as record date for holding its 2012 extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to seek approval for issuing shares to strategic partners. The meeting will be held on October 5, 2012 at Lot 45, My Tho Industrial Zone, Tien Giang Province.

Dao Sy Trung, BOD member of Binh Thanh Import-Export Production and Trade Joint Stock Company (GIL), sold 2,000 shares as registered from August 21 to September 4 for family affairs. After the share sale, he cut his to 13,286 shares or 0.09 percent stake from 15,286 units or 0.11 percent stake earlier.

Vietnam Sun Corporation (VNS) announced to have appointed Nguyen Trong Duy, Dang Thanh Duy, and Ngo Thi Thuy Van as its deputy CEOs.
Kinh Do Corporation (KDC) announced that Le Van Thinh left his post as deputy CEO from September 4, 2012 on personal request.

Le Trung Hieu, father of Le Phu Cu, BOD member of Tien Giang Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (THG), sold 305,070 shares or 3.81 percent stake from May 21 to June 7. After the share sale, he now holds 20,000 shares or 0.25 percent stake. He reported his trading result on August 31, 2012, later than regulated.
Le Thi Bich Van, sister of Le Phu Cu, sold her all 70,000 shares or 0.875 percent stake from May 11 to July 11. She reported her trading result on August 31, 2012, later than regulated.

Le Quoc Hung, brother of Le Phu Cu, failed to buy 300,000 shares from July 10 to August 10. He now holds 60,720 shares or 0.759 percent stake. He reported his trading result on August 31, 2012, later than regulated.

Cao Luong Ngoc, son of Cao Tan Khuong, BOD member of Lu Gia Mechanical Electric JSC (LGC), reported his trading result on August 31, 2012, later than regulated.
Camau Frozen Seafood Processing Import Export Corporation (CMX) announced it has approved Le Minh Hieu and Pham Anh Duc to leave their posts as chairman and BOD member respectively upon their personal requests. The company appointed Bui Si Tuan and Vu Ngoc Le as new BOD members, in place of Le Minh Hieu and Pham Anh Duc.

Source: VnEconomy – Translated by Thuy Doan

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