Seafood export reaches US$1.4 bil

At a meeting with seafood companies in the Mekong delta on the breeding and seafood export on April 20, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (VASEP) said that after a long time difficulty, the country’s seafood export reached US$1.4 billion, 9 percent higher than same period last year.

The increase in seafood export showed a good sign of recovery, said VASEP. For detail, the export of shrimp and fish has seen a leap of 12.2 percent and 4.2 percent respectively. Demand of seafood in Vietnam’s major markets increased by 12 percent for the US; by 33 percent for China and by 22 percent for ASEAN market.

The demand of Brazil for Vietnamese tra catfish leaped eightfold compared to same period last year. It is forecast that China has great demand to import Vietnamese fish and Brazil demand for Vietnamese fish will continue increasing.

Yet, fish export in the future will face difficulties also. VASEP’s General Secretary Truong Dinh Hoa fretted that the Department of Commercial has decided to apply new tarrif on Vietnamese frozen catfish. As per the decision, Vietnamese catfish will suffer the tax ranging from US$0.41 – 0.97 per kilogram which caused difficulties for Vietnamese exporters in the upcoming time.

Accordingly, VASEP representative said that related agencies and enterprises should make more efforts to achieve fish export turnover of  US$7 billion in 2016, 6.3 percent higher than last year. 

By NGUYEN THANH – translated by Anh Quan

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