Prices of pork remain at high levels

C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company sold pigs at VND81,000 per kilogram on July 7. According to the Dong Nai Livestock Association, at small-scale farms and pig-farming households, pigs were sold at VND89,000-VND90,000 per kilogram, up VND2,000-VND3,000 per kilogram compared to a few days ago; as for premium pigs, the price was VND93,000 per kilogram.
High prices of pigs have also caused the prices of pork cuts at wholesale markets to increase sharply. Of which, first-grade pork cuts were sold at VND110,000 per kilogram, and second-grade pork cuts at VND98,000 per kilogram.

Meanwhile, at Tan Dinh Market in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, the price of rib tips was VND250,000 per kilogram; the price of pork belly was VND230,000 per kilogram; the price of pork chop was VND170,000 per kilogram; the price of ham was VND180,000 per kilogram; the price of pork cheek was VND90,000 per kilogram; the price of pork ribs was VND170,000 per kilogram.

The representative of the management board of Tan Dinh Market said that the prices of pork remained unchanged since before June this year. Despite the information that live pigs have been importing from Thailand to Southern provinces, the prices of pork have not changed yet.

Earlier, in response to the State’s encouragement, some traders had also tried to sell cool meat but consumers did not favor it. Although cool meat is produced under a strict procedure from farm to table, the price of cool meat is merely a little higher than fresh meat.

For instance, the prices of cool meat of MEAT Deli included rib tips at VND300,000 per kilogram, pork belly at VND240,000 per kilogram, pork chop at VND150,000 per kilogram, and ham at VND180,000 per kilogram.

By Thanh Hai – Translated by Bao Nghi

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