Prices of face masks decline steeply because of plentiful supply

More than one month ago, because of hoarders, medical face masks became scarce with some sellers overcharging them 10 times higher. Currently, with plentiful supply, the prices of face masks have started to plummet, especially the price of medical face masks has dropped by 50 percent.
Particularly, during the peak time, a box of 2,500 face masks fluctuated from VND15 million to VND17 million, but now the price has fallen to around VND6 million – VND7 million or even to around VND4-5 million on some e-commerce websites. The prices of cloth face masks have also declined by 20-30 percent depending on brands and the retail price hovers around VND10,000 per item.

However, these are the selling prices for domestic consumers whereas the price of export face masks remains at a high level of around VND10 million per box of 2,500 items. The reason that the price of export face masks is still high is because of the cost of carrying out paperwork and packing at the request of foreign customers.

Currently, there are many face mask suppliers in the market. Therefore, consumers need to pay attention to the origin and quality, especially when buying face masks online, consumers need to find out about the sellers and should receive goods and check carefully before paying.

By Lac Phong – Translated by Thanh Nha

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