Price of shrimps goes up in Mekong Delta

In recent days price of shrimps is said to be continuously climbing in the Mekong Delta.

On November 7, traders bought size-20 shrimps at VND270,000-280,000 per kilogram, size-30 shrimps at VND230,000-240,000 per kilo, and size-40 shrimps at VND190,000 per kilo, the highest price in past few years.

Meanwhile, the price of white-leg shrimps also saw an average increase of VND15,000-20,000 per kilo compared to last week.

According to the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Mekong Delta Provinces, the current price level of shrimps ensures huge profits for farmers. However, because it was the end of the crop, the amount of shrimps was not much. Shrimp processing plants have also been facing a shortage of shrimps.

Forecasts say that the demand for shrimps will show increase until year-end, hence price of shrimp is expected to remain on the higher side.

By Nguyen Thanh – Translated by Thuy Doan

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