More than 3,000 e-commerce stores closed for overcharging

The Vietnam e-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade coordinated with e-commerce platforms to close over 30,000 stores for increasing prices of products for the prevention of the Covid-19 outbreak, causing uncertainties in the market.
Particularly, e-commerce platforms had checked a total of 223,597 stores and more than 1 million hand-wash and face mask products had prices higher than market prices, of which nearly 48,000 products were overcharged.

For instance, has handled more than 2,300 stores selling face masks and hand sanitizers with nearly 3,400 overpriced products, at the same time, removed products with abnormally high prices compared to market prices. Tiki has handled 30 stores and more than 800 violated products; also has had more than 200 stores and nearly 300 violated products punished.

Moreover, e-commerce platforms have also pledged to control online businesses by technical methods, including filter and censorship, to prevent suppliers from raising prices of products for the prevention of the Covid-19 outbreak in the attempt to make profits.

By Che Han – Translated by Gia Bao

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