Mooncake makers reduce production due to weak purchasing power

Some mooncake makers, on September 7, said that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic had caused a sharp drop in the purchasing power, forcing them to reduce production.
At Nhu Lan bakery, this year, its mooncake output has decreased by about 50 percent, and the bakery only focused on producing and supplying the market with mooncakes of 300 grams and 400grams of weight and not making smaller ones. Similarly, although Dai Phat Food Company strives to maintain production, it reduces its mooncake varieties from 40 to 22. Customers are mainly businesses that buy mooncakes to gift their customers and employees. The number of retail customers is small. In addition, some mooncake makers, such as Kido and ABC Bakery, have had to temporarily suspend operations due to complicated developments of the pandemic and a shortage of workers at the factory.

Currently, the line of nutritional supplement mooncake is favored by customers, with prices ranging from VND400,000 to VND700,000 per box, depending on the type. Mooncakes are put for sale on e-commerce platforms or delivery apps. Besides domestically produced mooncakes, a large amount of mooncakes from Malaysia and Singapore are imported, ranging from VND1.2 million to VND1.5 million per box.

Besides well-known mooncake brands, the market also recorded an abundance of handmade mooncakes this year, with prices ranging from VND250,000-VND300,000 per box of four pieces. However, according to some homemade mooncake makers for online selling in Ho Chi Minh City, because this year's mid-autumn season encounters many difficulties, the number of homemade mooncake sellers also declines significantly, estimated at only 15 percent-20 percent compared to last year.

By Thi Hong – Translated by Thanh Nha

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