Ministry requires to stabilize petrol prices

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance have required domestic enterprises to stabilize petrol prices in the price adjustment period, on March 8.

A filling station in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

A filling station in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

The price of ethanol gasoline blend E5 RON92, diesel, kerosene and mazut oil will not be over VND18,340 a liter, VND15,716 a liter, VND14, 560 a liter and VND12,528 a kilogram respectively.
The spending rate of petrol price subsidization fund has changed. Specifically, it is VND704 a liter of E5 RON92 gasoline, VND92 a liter of diesel, VND453 a liter of kerosene and VND 52 a kilogram of mazut. The two ministries asked firms to keep the spending rate to RON95 gasoline unchanged VND80 a liter with selling price remaining steady.
After 2 months of stopping A92 gasoline sale and providing only A95 and E5 RON92 gasoline, local filling stations said that purchasing power is normal, supply and demand is relatively stable now. However, consumption of E5 RON92 gasoline is less than A95 compared to the past while the consumption of A95 and E5 RON 92 gasolines hikes 70 percent and 30 percent.
Meantime, representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that consumption of both E5 RON92 and A95 gasoline has raised rapidly. In the upcoming time, the ministry will cooperate with Departments of Industry and Trade to give specific support and find solution for domestic petrol businesses that have met difficulties in selling E5 gasoline.

By NGOC QUANG, LAC PHONG – Translated by My Nhan

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