Ministry refuses to decrease seaport service fee

The Ministry of Transport refused to decrease seaport service fee following the proposal of importers- exporters and the Vietnam Logistics Association to remove barriers in business due to coronavirus pandemic.
According to the Ministry, stevedore cost and tug and tow service in Vietnam are comparatively lower than other countries in the Southeast Asia; therefore, decrease in stevedore cost will negatively affect Vietnamese seaports and foreign logistics companies which have been collecting high fee from Vietnamese importers and exporters will be beneficiaries of this.
Accordingly, the Ministry disagreed to cut 30 percent of seaport service fee as per the proposal.
The Ministry ordered the Vietnam Maritime Department and state competent agencies to quickly add some amendments to the draft which will be submitted to the Transport Minister in September. The draft must include the roadmap of price of container loading and unloading services which will be adjusted up in accordance with the roadmap and other fees to solve present difficulties.
The Ministry said that fee decrease will cause a fall in collection for the state budget while it does not help Vietnamese logistics companies.

By Minh Huy - Translated by Anh Quan

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