Ministry orders supervision, management on fruit growing-area codes

To deal with the situation that some enterprises "borrow" the codes of fruit-growing areas of other establishments to complete the export documents, affecting the reputation and the image of Vietnamese fruits, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has just sent a dispatch to the People's Committee of provinces, municipalities, and functional units under the ministry, proposing to strengthen supervision and management on growing-area codes and fruit packing establishments.
The MARD said that over the past time, the management of the growing-area codes in provinces was merely at the stage of initial statistics, while the inspection and supervision on code-granted establishments have not been taken seriously in many provinces. The ministry's assessment showed that the regular information exchange mechanism between provinces and this unit has not been effective either.

Moreover, recently, some enterprises were using incorrect growing-area codes and codes of packing establishments. They even "borrowed" and impersonated codes of other establishments to complete export documents.

Therefore, the ministry requires provinces to inspect, evaluate, and review the entire status of code-granted growing areas and packing facilities, then send detailed reports to the Department of Plant Protection under the MARD before September 20. It requests provinces to actively monitor code-granted growing areas and packing establishments to prevent improper use of codes.

As for the Department of Plant Protection, the MARD requests it to guide provinces in the management and supervision on the granted codes, inform provinces, organizations, and individuals about the regulations of import markets, especially the Chinese market. For the Department of Crop Production and the Agro Processing and Market Development Authority, they must coordinate with the Department of Plant Protection and provinces to deal with problems arising in the use of granted codes.

By Phan Thanh – Translated by Thanh Nha

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