Jaccar invests US$12 million in Mylan Group

The Vietnam Century Fund, which is managed by the France-based Jaccar investment firm, will invest US$12 million in the 100-percent-foreign-owned chemical company Mylan Group towards building a chemical factory and an optoelectronics plant to develop 3D creations and printing.

It will also help the Mylan Group reconstruct its organizational structure and streamline its management. It would also assist the group to build and implement strategies to make the group a leading firm in the manufacturing and printing industry in Vietnam and in the region.

The Mylan Group plans to go public and list on the stock exchange within the next 2 years.

My Lan is a leading company in Vietnam, specializing in research, production and application of pure chemicals in digital printing and optoelectronics. It is also the first in Vietnam to produce environmentally-friendly Computer-to-Plate printing plates for both domestic use and export.

By Dai Ngan – Translated by Ngoc Thien

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